We are very proud that we have amassed such a large and diverse selection of fabric. To call us a quilting store just would not cover all that we offer. We are just as our name entails: a fabric center with a broad variety of fabrics to choose from. We have our store divided into specific departments to make your shopping experience easy and straightforward. To understand more of what we have available, please explore our following pages:

*Important Notes: like many other stores, we have minimum cuts on many of our products to ensure we can thoroughly help as many of our customers as well as keep the price of our fabrics as competitive as possible. For cottons, bridals, flannels, quilting, tricot and fashion fabrics we have a minimum yard cut of 4 1/2", or 1/8th of a yard. For our cuddle and fleece, we have a minimum cut of 9", or 1/4 of a yard. For our ribbons and trims, we have a minimum cut of 1/2 a yard.

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Special Orders


Have you found the perfect fabric with us and sadly found there is not enough left on the bolt your need? Or are you in need of large amounts of fabric for a wedding? We want to do whatever we can to show you the best customer service in the state. If you find you need large amounts of fabric, we will be happy to fill out a special order form for you and do our very best to get you what you need. We request that you have a minimum of 10 yards needed for special orders; once a form has been filled out, the owner Lisa, will do some research with her vendors to ensure the required fabric is still available. She then will get in touch with you as to whether or not we are able to get it. If we are able to order the fabric you require, she will order it to be delivered as soon as possible and will give you a quote for a deposit while the fabric ships to ensure you intend on buying the fabric once it arrives. As soon as it delivered, Lisa will get back in touch with you saying it is ready for pick up and will give you the price of the fabric per yard. When purchasing the fabric, your deposit amount will be subtracted from the amount of the total purchase.


*Please note: special orders take quite a bit of time; please ensure you get your order place with plenty of time available before it is absolutely needed! Additionally, special orders are meant more for our bridal fabrics; the majority of our cotton and flannel fabrics cannot be special ordered. Manufacturers take orders for designer cottons and flannels almost a year in advance and print only what has been requested. By the time we get new designer prints in store, the manufacturer is already designing and printing next season's prints. Please keep this in mind when special ordering.