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We offer a wonderful service with our blanketstitching! If you would like a blanket made for a loved one or yourself out of fleece or cuddle, but don't want to have to work with that tricky cuddle or don't have the experience to make it yourself, then let us do the work for you! Blanketstitching is a way to finish the end of a blanket made out of fleece or cuddle or both with a neat and simple edge. We do this with an industrial machine that makes the stitch for us and binds the two layers together. With blanketstitching, you have many choices: you can make your blanket to one of our pre-priced sizes or a custom size, you get to choose the color of thread, and you can make a blanket from fleece, cuddle or a combination of both!*  Note, you must have two sides to have anything blanket stitched.

Our pre-priced sizes** are:

  • 30 x 36" with 2 layers: $6.60
  • 45 x 60" with 2 layers: $10.80
  • 60 x 60" with 2 layers: $12.00
  • 60 x 72" with 2 layers: $12.50
  • 60 x 90" with 2 layers: $15.00

A custom sized blanket costs $0.60 per foot. You do need two layers to do a blanket.

If you live out of state or have just discovered us, we are thrilled to be able to extend our services to you. Our Facebook page is where you  can special order blankets. Click here for any special order blankets or like our Facebook page and be notified of live sales.

*We are unable to do blanketstitching on anything but fleece and cuddle!! Additionally, we cannot blanketstitch on long pile. We have discovered these fabrics break our machine, sorry for the inconvenience.

**Prices subject to change. Allow two weeks for completion, although sometimes it is faster.